Oct 19, 2010

our new couch.

isn't she a beaut? sometimes craigslist treats me right.

we won't talk about the ottoman situation or how there is a random blue chair neither of us want that takes up space, OR how i just found THE chair i've been looking for all my life. it's so pretty and comfortable (hard to find!) i want to cry. mostly i just cuddle up on it and think about how i will make this chair into a perfect reading nook. ignore the fact that my whole apartment is one big nook.


naomi megan. said...

i love your craigslist couch. currently trying to find one for our space and it's proving to be difficult.

and lady, i will buy that blue chair from you if you ever decide you don't want it. i am SERIOUS. i love that chair. just let me know if you ever wanna sell it, ok?!


Camilla Leila said...

i have ZERO craigslist furniture hunting skills.

can you teach me? maybe the bay area craigslisters just don't have good stuff...

either way, it's a great couch!

nomadic gnome said...

noted. mark strongly dislikes it and i can't figure out a good place to put it in our tiny living room. so i might be contacting you soon!

and camilla, i should do a post on craigslist hunting. i'm kind of obsessed and have a list of keywords i run through almost every day. it's extremely unhealthy, but sometimes fruitful!

Camilla Leila said...

YES! please do a post on how to hunt on craigslist! oh gosh that would be so helpful and awesome!