Oct 4, 2010

just busy.

we spent the weekend with family. saturday at TH's family, and sunday at my dads with sisters and crew. both remarked that we look exhausted. and let me tell you, we feel it.

i don't want to make a hasty declaration, but i think i might have to take a break from blogging, or atleast substantial blogging, until life settles down a bit. traveling 12 working days out of 21 this month, mostly in the west coast, and developing ulcers as we speak.

i promise i used to be a fun person who had time for dinners and movies with friends and game nights, but we've been cancelling most activities that aren't work or sleep lately. it's just too much, and i'm trying to stay healthy through it all. but i think i caved over the weekend. i'm coming down with a cold or measles or something.

not a great start to monday, but i just have to dive right back in. and i really like the rain today, it's very soothing and calming - something i really really need right now.

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