Oct 28, 2010

shocking revelation: a day really DOES make a difference.

wow, yesterday felt like doom and gloom and i have to say that today is a brighter day. maybe its the weather, but i think its also the fact that i took my life back a little yesterday. i actually did some productive things yesterday, last night, and this morning when i woke up. i swear getting up early makes all the difference. i really like being in the kitchen in the morning - it makes me feel like a real adult, creeping around in my slippers and PJ's, making oatmeal, or doing last night's dishes. and i really like the morning light that brightens up the room. even though our kitchen is beyond tiny, i have really grown to love that space. shall i take you through a tour tomorrow? ok.

let's talk about being a morning person vs. night owl. i have always always been a night owl, even when i was young i would stay up all night with my flashlight, reading books late into the night. so i really want to turn that around and start getting up early. do you have any tips for this night owl?


Laura K said...

have babies.then waking up at nine or later seems like sleeping in

hanner said...

i need to figure out how to do this too, because i am a serious night owl but my current solution is to just go to bed at like 10:30 and wake up at almost 8. bad, bad hannah!

Jen Evans said...

"Let" yourself go to bed at 9PM. My friend who has terrible 'morning' sickness all day long goes to sleep at 7! Sometimes I'll finish my first REM before AJ even comes to bed. I'm winning!