Oct 6, 2010

West coast girlz

I've made no secret that I'm going through a rough time right now. Lately I'm sad to say that I have just been laying around whenever I get a chance. Doing nothing feels empty and it's the only thing that seems to fit right now. I realize that might sound really miserable, but I think it's helpful technique to relieve some stress and angst.

I mean, without going into detail, which I realize is too vague, things in my life just seem so tragic right now. Yes, tragic. I feel like I'm standing above my body watching me try to live my life. It's an odd feeling.

But the fact that I was forced to get out of bed early today and get on the plane, well it feels better. I am going somewhere that feels like a temporary escape. And I'll take it. Now I'll be in California for the next week, hosting and going to meetings and being busy and active. And I get to have a little relaxing time, too.

This trip is so needed right now.

I already feel like I'm breathing more deeply. I feel anonymous. I really like that. For once, I'm enjoying flying.


Camilla Leila said...

enjoy our beautiful west coast. if you're in or near the bay area the weather is beautiful right now and maybe that will help a bit!


P-Cute said...

this is one of the v. best times to go shopping you know. because if it feels like you are just watching your life from the outside you won't really care how much you spend. take advantage of this!! but really, hope things get better and chin up lil' grasshopper. xo