Oct 13, 2010

i used to be nomadic, but now i'm still nomadic.

so when i started this blog, it was nomadic gnome because i had just moved from utah to alaska and i kept moving my home, never settling in one place. minus a year in NYC for school, i have pretty much lived in DC since alaska. but now that i'm traveling all over the place, i am quite nomadic again!!

i'm trying to love it and embrace traveling while i get to do it. or maybe i will keep traveling for my entire life, and if that's the case i really need to streamline the process. i did pack 9 days into a carry-on, which i never could have done a year ago.

here are some things i've learned since starting to travel:
1. hook into a miles/hotel program. i only started like 3 months ago and i'm kicking myself for wasting all those miles. i just joined starwood and marriott for hotels, and so far so good.
2. those 10-15 minute massage spots in the airport are TOTALLY worth it.
3. put all liquids in a purse so you can just pull it out when you go through security. it's always embarrassing to open your suitcase in security and people might see your undies.
4. it's ok to buy a smutty magazine (US weekly, OK!, or even cosmo). this is what helps get through flights, people.
5. upgrade to the "more leg room" if you can. again, totally worth it.
6. bring an empty water bottle and a baggie of carrots or fruit and nuts. airport food is still not good and still not healthy.

that's all the wisdom i have for today folks. i'm still trying to test out travel accessories, like the neck pillow - i haven't had much luck with that. anyone else have tips for flying?

in LA till thursday, NYC this weekend, portland OR next week, then home for a few WEEKS! can't wait!


hanner said...

oh man. robbie's mom is all about the neck pillow (she even has a name for it [bucky]) and she lent two of them to us for our red-eyes from portland, and... it's just as useful as a bunched-up sweatshirt or airplane blanket. bummer. i could have really used the sleep.

i hope you love portland. i don't remember if you've been there but it's just so green and rainy. i love it. i want to go back soon and visit the coast! gearhart, OR is the best. and astoria! sigh. i'd retire there.

and jealous you're going to NYC. our shopping trip just wasn't in the cards... boo hoo.

Jathan and Heather said...

We are patiently waiting for it to be Portland's turn to have Gnomie for a couple of days.

Lars said...

Gnomie, it's ALWAYS ok to read a smutty magazine. Always. PS. Come to AZ now! i miss you!