Oct 18, 2010


i feel like i'll probably get diabetes with all the sugar i consume, and now that i'm married to the sugar king, it's getting worse.
i'm sitting at work, drooling over these, and this, and that.
and all i want to do is rush home and BAKE all night long. too bad for me, i have a meeting that will run until 10pm. it is a meeting with friends. a business meeting with friends (never thought i'd say that), still, a meeting nonetheless.

and guess what my thoughts were about the meeting? "oh, i should run home and bake some cookies and bring them along".
is it possible to be an expert baker and a career woman? i want to balance this so badly. anyone want to practice their baking skills with me?


Camilla Leila said...

i desperately want to be an expert baker who can effortlessly whip up decadent little treats while looking stunning. also while having an impeccable kitchen...

...and having a career.

is that just too much to ask?

nomadic gnome said...

exactly! it's not too much to ask. :)