Mar 8, 2011

back in town.

this weekend was exactly what i needed to rest and refocus. never mind that cumberland, md is full of retirees and we didn't come across anybody younger than 50 (except for the ice cream parlour staff), we tossed our cares aside and mostly slept for 72 hours. we also did a littlebita biking, museuming, eating, and a LOT of custard eating. wowee.

mostly it was just so nice to be celebrating 1 year with my honey. he makes me laugh all the time, his hugs squeeze me so hard i think he'll break my ribs, he brings me hot cups of tea and cold glasses of water without me even asking, he kisses my forehead, he gives me rubbies (not without complaint, but STILL!), he supports my career, he encourages me to find things that i love, he is just my best friend and my love.
from our trip to park city last summer.
he even takes death defying trips down the bobsled track with me!

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Laura K said...

that guy in the background is either really bored, or REALLY appalled at your touching Marks' helmet