Mar 29, 2011

books: i read one.

hey guess who is making good on their new years goals? i know some of you may laugh at this (my literary friends have surely scoffed at me), but one of my goals this year was to read 4 books from start to finish. i have a nasty little habit of reading the first couple chapters of books and losing interest. what can i say, i am a girl of many interests.

the book i chose to read: the guernsey literary and potato peel society
a writer in england strikes up a relationship with a book club group from one of the channel islands, Guernsey, during the german occupation and WW2.
i enjoyed the book, but found myself skipping through parts of it, particularly because of the format. if you haven't read this book, it is set up as letters back and forth between a handful of characters. there isn't any dialogue or description other than what the characters offer in the letters. i had a difficult time getting on board with the letter writing, but i made it through the book to the sweet ending.
i don't know if i'd recommend it, although i really did love the protagonist, juliet. parts of the book were extremely heartbreaking, but i found myself skipping through the pages quite a bit. maybe i'm just a bad reader?

onto the next book...maybe the little bee? have you read any beautiful books lately?


Mary said...

Secret Life of Bees
The Screwtape Letters
Life of Pi

I heart my young adult lit.

Dana said...

Twilight saga. I'm not ashamed. It'll just sucks you in (no pun intended)
You need a guilty pleasure every now and then

communikate. said...

I actually really liked that one.

As for Little Bee.. not so much. I'll let you be the judge (doesn't that sound like something off of reading rainbow?!) ha.

aukergirl said...

The Reader
The Road
The Hunger Games Trilogy
Everything Is Illuminated

and i could go on :)

nomadic gnome said...

yay! love these suggestions.

P-Cute said...

Book of Negros
it is kinda long so be prepared, but me and my sisters really enjoyed it.
this Friday afternoon Dan and I are going to take in the cherry blossoms, shall we try to rendezvous?

Bbells said...

breaking night by liz murray, you will love it, and if you hurry there is a made for tv movie on it april 7th on lifetime.