Mar 25, 2011

dogs. dags. dawgs.

my sister is looking for a new doggie right now and its just tugging on my dog-lovin heart strings! so, without further ado, i submit to you my "i wish i could own this dog" post.

English Springer Spaniel. Look at that face. Oh, that face!

Vizsla. I love these dogs so much. They have the prettiest coats and pretty pink noses.

West Highland White Terrier. Fluffball.

French Bulldog. Those ears kill me every time.

Komodor. These dogs are so COOL.

Beagle. This one is for TH, who really loves cute little beagles. Aw.

Which pup would you choose? How about one of each and they can all live with me on my imaginary farm!


Sherpa said...

I grew up with English Springer Spaniels. So much fun.

Jen Evans said...

You're making me jealous of myself.

Team O'Connor said...

I'm so glad other people go through this emotional rollercoaster too! I always want a dog but need to wait a few years. I would soooo get a Vizsla or an English Bulldog :) I love all of your choices too. I would have a farm. Haha.

Dana said...

A friend recently adopted a daschund puppy. I want to steal him. He's too cute for his own good.

Laura K said...