Mar 16, 2011

new house + our first little visitor.

hi there, don't mind us. we are just getting cozy and settled into our new apartment. we had a few visitors last month when we first moved in and i just love these pictures. so adorable. and please enjoy my multiple chins.

i made this heart garland last month for valentines day and it looked so nice against the brick, i haven't been able to take it down yet.

i just ordered some new furniture, and we have some scheduled craigslisting for this weekend, so hoping things continue shaping up around here. so far, so good! and i'll post some more pictures of our place after we get things in order.


Laura K said...

when are we going to get a better tour of this place? me wants to seeee

Camilla Leila said...

UGH you have a fireplace. i'm jealous. i love it. and i love the garland.

modestmuse said...

What a beautiful, beautiful baby. Love the fireplace, can't wait to see the rest of the new house.