Mar 25, 2011

well, golly.

it's just plain cold outside but i have an orange on my desk that i'm hoping will brighten my spirits today. i was home sick yesterday (sniff, sniff), but feeling rested and better today. sometimes your body just needs you to really take care of it and it pays you back!

this weekend, we're staying inside mostly since the weatherman is calling for SNOW, and just because we like to keep it low-key. the national marathon route goes right through our neighborhood, so i'm going to try to see all the runners on saturday. it's always so inspiring to see! and my awesome friend kim gardner is running the marathon - i am so impressed and proud of her! go kim!

what's going on with your weekend?


hanner said...

we're gonna go to e. cap and watch it too! with my COWBELL.

Laura K said...