Mar 22, 2011

life is busy.

with the new business, crazy work, and general blah-ness of the past week, life feels pretty crazy right now!!

last night my old roommates, cristy and sierra, stopped in for an old fashioned girly visit and thai takeout date. it was just what i needed to boost my mood, and you know what? i'm feeling 100% better today! and bonus, now i know that Old Siam on capitol hill has the best Thai Tofu soup I've ever tasted. delicious.

i really want to share so many pictures, but i can't find my camera cord for the life of me! when i bought my fancy schmancy new cam-a-rah (said like jenna from 30 rock) the salesman tried to sell me on this card that just automatically (through remote) transfers your pictures to your computer. and i was like, that seems so unnecessary, geez. but for the past 2 weeks, i am kicking myself. i sure could use that remote right now!

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