Mar 11, 2011

moving in.

well, it's been about 6 weeks since we moved into our new apartment which means I have made a couple decisions about how we should decorate and which also means TH has had it up to here with looking for house stuff. We have been to every secondhand furniture store in the area, and did some antiquing in Lucketts and Frederick, and still - nothing! either we are really picky people or it's still just not clear how we want things to look. one good piece of news - i came across a dining room table i really like that we'll be picking up tonight or tomorrow morning. and i know what chairs i want, and am on the hunt for a nice big mirror to hang on the wall.

things have just been busy as ever for us - i had 3 big meetings last month and TH has a huge meeting coming up at the end of this month, so we just get caught up in work stuff and anniversary weekend stuff, etc. it kind of never ends, right?

i have big plans for this weekend, and hope we'll be able to get the dining room finished. and the living room is a lost cause since we're still waiting on that sofa to be delivered, which won't happen for another 4-6 weeks. ridiculous.

we'll also be hanging out with some family this weekend - TH's parents are coming up on saturday to do the eastern market thing with us and see the new apartment. then out to my family's for a bi-coastal birthday party. little evie is turning 1! i can hardly believe it, she is still so teeny tiny.
and then sunday we have tickets for "who's afraid of virginia woolf" at the arena stage. i love going to the arena stage. i think it's the coolest theatre in DC.

hope you have a nice weekend and hope spring is finding its way into your neighborhood! did you know we switch the clocks ahead on sunday? hooray for longer days!

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hanner said...

wait. what? it's daylight savings time on sunday? really? isn't it too soon for that?