Mar 28, 2011

what i need in a house.

1. a yard (or access to a park).
2. a place to grow things.
3. natural light.
4. hardwood floors.
5. a window in the kitchen.
6. a place to keep our bikes.

i'm currently lacking 4 of those things above, which i only just recently realized i needed. oh, i'm dying a little bit inside living in a carpeted basement apartment with nary a window in the living room. i'm thinking if we install mirrors somehow on the outside of the house to reflect the sunlight into our living room, it might work? or, maybe we should just start over again. gah.


hanner said...

listen to this song a few times and maybe it'll make you feel better.

nomadic gnome said...

i just realized this post is probably a bouge problem. oh well.