Mar 23, 2011

some things.

1. TH got home from Montreal last night. When he was up there, he revisited some of the places we went to for his birthday last year. It made me swoon for the Quebecois!

2. Our landlord is installing a new security system in our apartment today. No more constant buzzing from the old 1984 system anymore! Gosh, I can't wait!

3. This has been a typical March with a couple of warm days here, a couple of rainy days here, and now its just plain cold and gray. Hope it warms up before all the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms wither away!

4. Papa Mickey is in town for a week. It was so nice to see him. I still don't get why he'd want to spend 4 months in Utah, poor man. (I kid, Laura!)

5. Today is my littleist niece, Evie's first birthday!! Awww, happy birthday tiny little baby. Can't wait to see you next month and smother you with kissies. (I stole the picture from Laura's blog. They recently did a little family photo shoot at the Salt Flats. Cool, huh?)

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Laura K said...

Yay for evie and for canada!