Mar 1, 2011


i'm running another conference this week. every day this week so far, i've been acquiring beautiful green apples that are leftover from lunch meetings. by the end of the week i hope to have enough to make a pie. or maybe an apple crisp.

and that is about the only good thing i can say about my work week so far.

i do hope your week is beautiful. and i am most definitely looking forward to this weekend!


Jen Evans said...

Hahaha, stealing apples! Where did you graduate, Brown? Go down to Whole Foods and fill your reusable canvas bag with organic fruit!

P-Cute said...

May I suggest a Swedish Apple Pie? My MIL makes them all the time and they are SO good. And, let us get together!! Let me know what w/e works for you two and we'll be there!

nomadic gnome said...

what is the recipe, p?? sounds delicious!