Oct 8, 2011

35 weeks and the weekend.

35.5 weeks at Union Station
35.5 weeks in NYC
when you only have a few hours to have fun in NYC, it can seem impossible to narrow down the list of things to do. but when you are 8 months pregnant, it's easy = food.

we went up just for friday afternoon for some work-related meetings, and then we spent the remainder eating. eating weird deli food in strobe lights, eating dinner at Westville (our favorite place), and eating breakfast at Absolute Bagels on the upper west side (my favorite bagel shop ever).

we did a little walking around and window shopping in the east village, but i'm only good for about 2 hours before i start begging TH to rub my back and start obsessing about finding a place to lay down.

we spent the rest of the weekend cleaning and organizing, trying to get things ready for baby T. little baby T finally found that extra space by my ribs this weekend, and feeling those little feet explore my tummy is just so adorable, i don't even think about how uncomfortable it is. i love this little baby.


Emilie said...

How come when I am pregnant I look like a huge, bloated cow? Oh yeah...because I'm not YOU. :)

LOVE catching up on the fam.

Dana said...

Absolute bagels = best. bagels. ever.

PS. You are an adorable momma-to-be. Keep growing that baby!

modestmuse said...

So, little baby "T", huh? Do we know if T is a name for a girl, boy or is unisex? I'm dying to know! If you two are waiting to find out too, I don't know how you can stand the suspense!

naomi megan. said...

absolute! i love them.

and you seriously look so good, julie!

emily said...

yeah westville!

communikate. said...

you really do look great! i can't believe how close your are too! exciting!

Camilla Leila said...

you look amazing.