Oct 25, 2011

DC food truck festival

as it turns out, yesterday was Food Day and DC participated by throwing a K street food truck festival. and guess which lucky lady was the beneficiary? mm hmm.

i tried a tofu korean taco from far east taco grille, a cheddar on sourdough from the big cheese, and a veggie empanada from DC empanadas, which i ended up being too full to eat. bummer.

the awesome thing about all these food trucks in one place at lunchtime, was there were enough food trucks to serve the number of hungry people and the lines were totally manageable! i was finally able to try those food trucks i've always wondered about. and the verdict? fojol bros is still the best, but far east taco grille makes one heck of a korean taco.

also, another verdict - people love to s.t.a.r.e. at pregnant ladies, especially when they are holding multiple bags of food from different food trucks. leave me be, people. i'm growing a human being here! this is my time to eat 500 extra calories a day with abandon. just doing my duty.

ps, did you know that we own a food truck with our friends? it runs in fairfax county and we think those gourmet hot dogs are pretty darn tasty.


Amy said...

No way. You own a food truck? You're the coolest person I've ever not met in my life.

Laura K said...

Yeah. Speaking of your food truck, can we work out a time for me to eat some 'dogs when we visit?

Emilie said...

How dare you taunt me with the Twitter picture of the hotdogs from your food truck?!
Why don't we live in DC? Blast!!!

P-Cute said...

love it! I would have loved to join you... mmm... food!

Joy Buhler said...

Yeah, I'd have to say Fojol's pumpkin curry and their Benethopia truck are two of my faves. I really like the korean taco truck too though. DC empanadas? Disappointing.