Oct 13, 2011

google is not...

...your doctor
...a nutritionist
...an expectant mother
...a parent
...a creative mind
...your mom

when i was extremely sick the other night, i googled "vomit 36 weeks pregnant" and google basically said "you are in labor". freak out panic time for a few minutes. but of course i was not in labor. i don't know why i ever use google as any of the above.

i need to remember to seek out more human advice (including listening to my own instincts). i have a feeling this will become ever more important in the next month or so.


hellodeer said...

the same thing happened to me the other night, except all i wanted to know was how to cook tilapia... I was standing there in the kitchen saying to myself: I DON'T WANT TO GOOGLE HOW TO COOK TILAPIA! I WANT TO HEAR SOMEONE TELL ME ABOUT TILAPIA THEMSELVES!"

naomi megan. said...

the other day i googled "can babies have nightmares?" cause eleanor whimpers in her sleep and google basically told me she isn't happy and is reliving very sad and traumatic memories. whaaaaaaaaat? that's when i said no more google.

how exciting though for when julie really truly does go into labor! i cannot wait! you better call us! (just kidding.) you better have mark call us!

communikate. said...

oh man. i'm a huge researcher of medical problems.

so far i've come up with leukemia (due to constant sore throats and always being tired.)


post traumatic stress disorder (due to a slight hair loss).

that google can scare the crap of ya.

Jen Evans said...

Wed MD told me that I have a heart arrhythmia. Yep, that's how I'm going to spell it. Anyways, my symptom was heartburn.

Laura K said...

The last thing I googled was pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and things turned out well for me.