Oct 11, 2011

on nesting.

finally finally this weekend we got around to really getting the house ready for baby T. it helped to have the holiday yesterday so i could visit The Container Store and a few other select shops. Baby's nook is looking so good! Because we have such a little 1-bedroom apartment, we're being very selective about what we choose to bring into the house, and how we store it. I'll share some pictures in a couple weeks when we're finished, but so far I'm really happy with how things are turning out. Next up on my list: make curtains, hang some pictures, and finish sewing those bassinet sheets!

i woke up this morning and looked over at Baby's nook. i just imagined a little baby in that bassinet, kicking its little swaddled mermaid legs, and my heart was so full. not much longer to wait!

ps did i mention TH deep cleaned the bathroom for 3 hours saturday night?? i've never been so attracted to him before. is that weird to say?


naomi megan. said...

isn't it so funny how your man doing chores makes your heart pitter patter? have you seen that "women's porn" book that just has photos of a man vacuuming while holding the baby, etc? it's hysterical. but i seriously feel more attracted to josh when he's doing the laundry or cooking me dinner over other times.

oh, boys.

and i wanna come see the baby's cute little nook.

Ye Stewart Clan said...

Please please please post lots of pictures. I am OBSESSED with nurseries right now and am wanting to sew everything. I can't wait to see it!