Oct 17, 2011

weekend roundup: pregnant edition.

my boss just came in to ask me what i did this weekend.


i couldn't even remember! it honestly took me about a minute to even recall anything other than sleeping and eating. oopsie. i hope i am not wasting away my pre-baby time on nonsense. but! then i did remember one awesome thing i did:
we saw Moneyball and walked around the city for about a half hour and saw a high speed chase being filmed by professional movie makers! cool!
and then i remembered another awesome thing:
we walked around Eastern Market and had lunch at Teds Bulletin (me: green green salad and french onion soup, him: turkey sandwich and white bean chili)
and then even one MORE thing i remember:
we had amazing Indian food at Haandi in Falls Church with TH's family.

but really this is what popped in my head and what i really remember from this weekend:
eat, sleep, eat, naps, walk, eat, why is this bathroom line so long?!, walk, nap, movie, walk, sleep through church, TV, eat, nap, eat, walk, sleep.

what has become of my life?


Laura K said...

The funny thing is that routine won't change when baby is around. It will just be bebe's routine instead of yours. Except replace walking with pooping pants.

nomadic gnome said...

haha, awww. shoot.

hanner said...

that sounds a lot like my life too. i'm always looking forward to eating and sleeping. and i'm not even pregnant!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

We were in the city that night, too and saw the movie crew filming. I googled to find out what movie they were filming but came up with nothing. Any idea?