Oct 18, 2011

wicked waffle.

i finally tried the new lunch spot in farragut - Wicked Waffle. ohhhhh mouthwatering deliciousness sandwiched between 2 WAFFLES. i tried the grilled cheese and tomato waffle sandwich. yes. others really liked the mango and brie sandwich, and the prosciutto tomato and arugula sandwich.

i mean it's a WAFFLE. what's not to like? they also had a killer sweet potato soup.

i've been living off waffles lately, no joke. my all time favorite recipe is here, the morning-of waffle. that molly kills it every time and these waffles are no different.

on the way back from lunch, we ran into large headed JFK. so, pretty much the best lunch break ever.


Camilla Leila said...

yummmmmmm those waffle sandwiches sound incredible.

i've got to find a place like this in san francisco.

communikate. said...

Best lunch ever! I'm a huge fan of a waffle place here in Portland. Smore waffle with nutella and mallow. Need I say more?

Patience said...

from one pregnant lady to another.. yum! food envy!!!