Oct 24, 2011

i need to put my feet up today.

it's monday. and i just don't feel like it today.

maybe it has something to do with...
this big baby bump?
the new moody M83 album that is lulling me right now?
the too many chocolate donut holes i ate this morning?
how no matter how much sleep i get lately, it just never seems to do the trick?

i only have 10 days left in the office before baby leave begins, so i gotta make it count, but man! days like today are rough on my exhausted body.


Aly Sharette said...

Your boots are amazing! May I ask where you got them?

nomadic gnome said...

aly, i got them at urban outfitters a year or two ago.

Laura K said...

Someone didn't get the memo about wearing flip flops or keds every day in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Maybe the same lady who refused to buy maternity jeans until her third trimester. embrace it, julie, embrace it.

nomadic gnome said...

don't worry laura. i drive to work, take the elevator up, and sit down for 8 hours. the shoes are just a prop to make me look tough. ;)

emily said...

snazzy shoes! and congrats on almost maternity leave :)