Oct 6, 2011

long NY weekend.

coney island
brooklyn museum mark
brooklyn museum julie
hello. this is me, signing off for the weekend. off to NYC for a couple of short days, then home to enjoy the extended holiday weekend. (do you get columbus day off?)

this is our last NYC trip before baby. and going to NYC while pregnant means you have a free pass to eat whatever you could possibly get your hands on, right?

TH and I have so many good memories of falling in love in that city - like the pictures above from a summer day in brooklyn 2 years ago. and soon we'll be able to add the memory of us as anticipating parents walking around town. i can't wait.


naomi megan. said...

it's so crazy to think about you with that long hair! i'd completely forgotten! funny how that happens.

last nyc trip before baby! and then think about all the trips there you'll get to take baby on!

communikate. said...

wow. you look totally different with long hair! you rock both well.

have fun in new york. i'm jealous of your close proximity!

Lars said...

Your pictures totally confused me for a second. "Wow Julie's hair is sooo long! Wait a minute where did her belly go??!" Ha, it's too early for me...