Aug 6, 2009

day club

I'm working from home today. "Working" from home.

I'm sitting here curled up with a blanket watching pride and prejudice and getting ready to paint my room. I'm working, yes, but not nearly as hard as I should be. Sometimes you just need a day off.

And wow, I forgot how good p&p is. Get me on a plane to England stat.

Oh and the vacation? A september trip to the magical island of Iceland!! more to come. we're so excited.


modestmuse said...

I guessed either Iceland or Greenland. Then I was on the Post yesterday, and they had a travel review of Greenland, and I was sure that was it. You gotta think of Argentina too, girl!

hanner said...

jealous! we ALMOST went this year after norway to run the reykjavik marathon. one day. maybs.

Cara said...

I am SO jealous! What are you going there for? i wish I could travel like you do..btw - Mark probably wouldn't know me - just Kash - I guess he hung out with Kash's older brother Jamie in high School