Aug 11, 2009


i've come to strongly dislike my thomas paul rug.

the color is quite mismatchy - it doesn't work with my new pretty blue wall and it is thinner than i thought it would be.

why is the rug search so difficult? i want something colorful and whimsy with some red in it.
i can't seem to find any rugs, but i've been finding a lot of fabric, including this little number from my darling friend currently in copenhagen: any advice?


Mc said...

I haven't had much luck with rugs either. Especially affordable ones! I usually try to snatch ones up when Urban Outfitters has a sale.

What is this fabric? I HAVE to have it, it's beautiful.

miss b said...

Ha! Rugs are hard. I dream of a Rug Company purchase. One day...Ikea can surprise sometimes. If you're the craft type you could always make it yourself with canvas and then seal it off.