Aug 14, 2009

cheese and cars.

la fromagerie: buy cheese here. on wednesday i bought tree bark encased cheese (don't remember the name, but brie like cheese). i've been eating this all week for lunch with mini toasts and apricot jam. cheese heaven.

this weekend, the car search is on. here's TH standing next to his 626 before NPR towed it away (remember it died 2 weeks ago at church?). he's donating to NPR for a tax write-off and general good will. sad for him to lose the car, sad for us really because this car was the location of our sweet first kiss (but i'm not so sad to see it go!)

we're ready to go searching for a sensible automobile. or maybe something flashy - i don't think he's really decided yet.
do you think it's smarter to dress up or dress down when going to purchase an automobile? if you want a good price should you wear sweatsuits? i can't decide.

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