Aug 5, 2009

music and friends

i found a new setting on my camera and had some fun on the metro.
monday began with a great work day and an earplugs night at the 930 to see mogwai. it was one of the best shows i've been to in a very long time. i like it when a concert venue is filled with older people, rather than young kids who are too drunk to realize how annoying they are.

last night went to a girly show with the girls. the donnas, blondie and pat benetar. it was pretty good girl solidarity stuff.

TH and I decided this morning walking to work - no thank you for any more shows this week. i'm all showed out.

oh yeah last weekend we were eating dinner and TH said - look its bill gates! and i looked, and looked and said no way, and looked, and stood up to look. turns out it was just an old short guy. besides what would bill gates be doing in tysons corner on a saturday night? please. i'm so gullible.
oh gullible me.

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Eli said...

I love your pictures! specially this second one. How did you get that effect??
Now that I'm here I take this opportunity to say that I'd have loved to be in that kind of 20's party! :)