Aug 3, 2009

gilded age

oh yes. a party is surely was.

the houseme and birthday girl (isn't her hat the best?)
dancing on the porch. loving cristy's face here.
nyc friends came, too!
roommates. we have so much in common, like how we adore annie.
late into the night. laughter among friends on a perfectly humid summer night.
tired? mmm time to retreat to our beds. at which time i will fall asleep in my dress and makeup. thanks for sharing your birthday with all of us, annie!


naomi megan. said...

oh my gosh how awesome! and clever! love it!!!


annie gray said...

as lil bow-wow likes to say, a party ain't a party if you ain't inside. and that's how i feel about you jules.

Cara said...

Oh - that looks like so much fun!!!! By the way, Kash wanted to know if the guy in one of your pictures is Mark Clements? He said he looks just like a guy he know from Rexburg. Anyway, you looked fabulous!

A "cheery" disposition said...

cute blog! Love this party idea.

The Danimal said...

the dress looks great!