Aug 24, 2009

new thoughts. new things.

what a fabulous week.

1. bought a new mac. (hooray!)
2. had photography and dinner date with lovely virginia friend.
3. had shopping and dinner date with lovely dc friend.

3. heavy assist in purchase of new automobile. (pictures to come)

4. ate bbq as a reward.
5. visited this girl.
6. talked to boss and straightened out some priorities at work.

things are moving. i feel sooo much better. sometimes you need to take some time to figure it all out. and well, i've taken some steps to figure it all out. there's nothing better than setting some goals and working hard to achieve them. if i'm not being productive, it's likely i'm withering to nothing.


hanner said...

amen. glad to see you back!

annie gray said...

welcome back. here's to productivity. and more dinner dates with moi et toi. move over mark.