Aug 31, 2009

short week.

this week i really need to focus on my work, so posts will be thin.

the weekend was interesting.
flaming lips were good but strange and i'm never going to merriweather post pavillion again. too far away from dc and too many people.
saturday i caught up on project runway and went to georgetown gardens with cristy - who knew this place existed? so beautiful and worlds away from the city (though actually right in the middle of the city!) then late dinner at BGR with the boyfriend and a walk through the rain storm in old town alexandria. we stayed up til 3am that night talking! i can't remember the last time i was up till 3am - i'm getting lame.
sunday was church, dinner at a friends house and naps before and after dinner. we were exhausted. still am exhausted.

the weather outside is overcast and cool (70s) and i'm in heaven. if i had the day off, i'd be sitting in my backyard, cozied up with a blanket and a good book. what would you do with a good day off?


modestmuse said...

I last went to Merriweather Post to see Theivery Corporation and swore off big venues then and there. I am looking foward to Labor Day off and I want to do some serious decorating to my house -- I think I am going to start by painting a wall or room!

hanner said...

i just really want it to stay this cool. stealing the internet this morning was so pleasant for once!

Ms. White said...

3am...oh boy... with the right person is awesome. but with the wrong person can be a disaster.

nomadic gnome said...

painting totally. perfect spring activity - is it weird still with the season changes there?

hannah - you and me both. i have so much more energy when its cool outside!

jess, touche.

modestmuse said...

hard to get used to feeling upside down with the seasons. And confused about when people's kids are on break or in school ...