Aug 27, 2009


this morning i came across a story in the newspaper about kidnappers in somalia.
a guy was kidnapped by somalian insurance agents, and i thought - wow, and i thought the insurance agents in the US were bad!

then i read the article again and it turns out it was actually insurgents doing the kidnapping.

potay-to, potah-to. but seriously, how long have i been a horrible reader? time to pick up a book again. any suggestions for end-of-summer reading?



hanner said...

for some reason at the end of europe all i did was read. i read love in the time of cholera, the time traveler's wife, and eat, pray, love. oh and the year of magical thinking. the first three left something to be desired but i think i liked them overall. the fourth is so sad but really well-written.

hanner said...

oh. and right now i'm reading what is the what, which i think would fit in perfectly with the conversation of somalian insurance agents.

JD said...

what's considered "summer reading"? need some clarification...then I can do suggestions...

glad you're back in the blogging world, btw. your presence was missed.

Iggy Bloggit said...

love in the time of cholera is beautiful. i agree that the time traveler's wife and eat pray love, though both have interesting sub-aspects, are not that great overall though they seem to come up often in conversation (ttw is currently the #1 best book of the 21st century according to public opinion on goodreads --whaa??

some favorites i've read recently: a confederacy of dunces, jimmy corrigan the smartest kid on earth, the road, fear and loathing in las vegas. currently reading tropic of cancer.