Aug 17, 2009

the district: cafe atlantico and navy memorial

Nothing like a trip to Cafe Atlantico to make you realize how dull the food is that you normally consume.
Watermelon and fried green tomato salad with watermelon foam.
Tuna ceviche covered in avocado slices.
Tableside preparation of the most delicious guacamole i've ever eaten.
Trout with capers, olives, lime, and avocado.
Chocolate truffles.

And that's just what we ate -- don't get me started on the things I wanted to eat! (this includes a chocolate cake with bananas and more foam!)

It's a bit on the expensive side, but the restaurant is on 3 levels of a gutted rowhouse, and we sat in the VIP spot on the top, overlooking the restaurant. Food was delicious, friends made good conversation, and we didn't even mind the bill at the end - it was worth every penny!

Afterwards - just a city block walk to the navy memorial. My absolute new favorite spot in downtown dc. It's good for contemplating travel, canoodling with a lover, or people watching.

what a fabulous saturday night, especially after spending an exhausting day shopping for automobiles, (without any luck - yet).

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