Aug 31, 2009

the district: dumbarton oaks gardens

so back to that dc garden. my roommate took me on a whim to what she refers to as "the jewel of dc". i was skeptical, but now i am a believer.

these italian inspired gardens once belonged to the bliss family, as part of their 53 acre estate. it has since been parceled off for educational purposes, embassy purposes, and public park purposes. i'm going to focus on the public park portion. mouthful.

the park, located in georgetown, is huge and i sincerely believe this is a great thing. why? because i must return to see more of it - i feel like i cut corners through the entire 2 hour walk! each corner we turned, each staircase i descended, each rose i smelt - it was all divine. i was in heaven. also on the property is the original home - now a museum, which we didn't have time to explore at all. it was all quite magical. if fairies exist in dc, they surely make their home dumbarton oaks. butterflies landing on your shoulder, rose rows, secret pools and fountains, laughing cherubs, hidden gates covered in ivy. i'm getting a little carried away, i know. but seriously - ridiculous.

just go. just go now.


this one said...

i miss you. i have been thinking a lot about your recently. that is all.

lets play soon?

hanner said...

i've always wondered about dumbarton house! and now i'm getting all these emails about internships there too. it is a sign that i should go see it.

hanner said...

and good thing harvard students get in free. i'll have to go dig up my id.