Aug 12, 2009


if anyone were to tell me 10 years ago that today i would be working in d.c., a graduate from 2 great schools, and working in policy, i would have asked: what is policy? and why would i work in that field?

well, policy, my dears, gets me quite excited. i work specifically in energy policy, which is even more of a fun and exciting field. all day long i get to spin around ideas and numbers and organizations. example: JimmyJohn wants to have more solar energy in his state. How should he get it while keeping costs low and making sure other people aren't affected? ok, thats a sissy one, but really you guys - i get so excited over what are essentially brain busting word problems.

it's just really fun to feel like your helping other people solve these complex problems, while also getting to research and talk to interesting people and develop solutions (that may or may not work).

i'm working with one state right now to help them develop a renewable energy policy and it's very rewarding, especially because i'm directly using my grad school research materials. how fun - my program is actually useful. some days - and not every day is like today, trust me - i really like my job.


Steve said...

Exactly! This is also why I work for the government! You should sell this 'spin' to, haha.

Alison said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been considering options for grad school, and I always pause at the Public Policy programs. It seems like it should be interesting and useful, but in reality, the program descriptions are dry, and I had no idea what one would do with such a degree... until now. :)

Mind if I ask what sort of job titles go with the line of work?