May 11, 2010

birthday. v2

so after the birthday day of fun, TH had a few tricks up his sleeve.

first, he arranged a dinner with my family at founding farmers! surprise to me! we met up with dad, jenny and lizzie and had a funny evening with a deliriously tired lizzie asking the funniest questions. and playing in the fountain outside the IMF.

we went to get birthday milkshakes at good stuff, then came back home to a crazy sight. bone malone singing jock jams and popping out of the alley next to our house. i was like "whaaaa?" then a bunch of my closest friends started walking out of the alley dancing to the acapella jock jams. TH arranged a surprise party for me!! i had no idea and was totally shocked and happy to see mah friends, many of whom i hadn't seen since the wedding.

ah, man, what a fun night! took a bunch of pictures with the old russian film camera, and got a couple on TH's powershot. oh my friends, thank you so much for making an old girl flustered and speechless. hearts hearts.

i feel pretty lucky. 28 feels really good on me so far.
i ran 4 miles straight today without feeling like passing out! yay body!


Cara said...

How sweet of your husband to arrange such a nice birthday! I hope you got my text message - I'm glad you had such a great day! Being 28 isn't all that bad!

hanner said...

hanging out in the alley was one of the creepiest things i've ever done. but so worth it to hear ben (and only ben) bust out with "Y'ALL READY FOR THIS??"