May 27, 2010

getting ready for the next challenge!

well, TH is out of town and i'm being lazy after a stressful day. i turned on grey's anatomy and i'm thinking "this show is so dumb, why would anyone watch it" and then 10 minutes later i'm HOOKED. hooked, i tell you. anyway, just procrastinating until i have to pack for our hike this weekend. because i have no idea what to pack for a hike! blargh.

i'm taking the train tomorrow afternoon to nyc, then we go upstate to hike the devil's path. as if, how did i get roped into this?! first a 10K, then the hardest hike on the east coast, what's next?!

i guess that i'm taking on a lot of challenges lately, and it feels good. i need to work on getting less nervous before something big happens. the hike will be fun, i'm sure, as long as i don't overpack or underpack.

and i might just get some manhattan in while i'm up there. like maybe a really good bagel and some shopping. and maybe this tomorrow night. who knows. bring on the jean seberg (my hair inspiration).

1 comment:

hanner said...

have you seen "breathless" before? luvz it. i watched it during my glut of watching french movies right before we left for paris.

good luck on your hike. sending good karma your way. you will ROCK IT!!

also, have you never seen grey's before? augh it's so depressing how addicting it is. i've got to go back and catch up on the last season.