May 20, 2010


the ballet was meh. i went by my lonesome and sat next to a surly teenager who i think affected my mood. there were 4 performances, all modern (which i thought i would like). my favorite ballet was twyla tharp's "push come to shove". it was really funny and felt more personal than the other performances. anyway, i went home after it was over and told TH of my disappointment. i told him maybe i'm just a swan lake kind of a girl, after all. although we did see some modern ballet last fall and Liturgy, the mystical ballet set to arvo part made me cry it was one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. no video of the ballet, but here is the music. imagine a male and female dancer in a minimalist setting. shadows everywhere. still gives me shivers.

anyway, after getting home from the ballet i put the swan lake record on and pretended to be a ballerina. which is always hilarious to both of us. i can't point my toe worth anything and any attempts to be graceful end up looking like the Sally O'Malley I'm 50! Lady. oh well. it was an entertaining night either way.

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hanner said...

i am loving on this song. it is getting me through the morning. thanks! :)