May 5, 2010


our wedding day. by joshua brown photography.

i have a snickers candy bar waiting in my freezer should i ever need one. i'm still trying to decide if it should be my reward.

i am thinking of saving it for until after a big race i'm still deciding if i want to run.

it is a 10K, next sunday. i feel like i need a new challenge, you know because marriage is so easy (haha, i kid, i kid). i mean marriage is quite lovely (it was a good choice to marry my best friend) but i am after a physical challenge. the longest i've ever run is 4.5 miles and i thought i would die. but a 10K? I think i can do it, even if i have to walk a little. i feel like i need to, in a way.

and then after that sweet bliss of running around my neighborhood with all my sweet neighbors, i can sit down on my brown couch, peel off the wrapper, and eat my well-deserved snickers bar.

reward candy.

**UPDATE: i registered for the race! i can't believe i did it.


hanner said...

you have way more self control than i do. i just eat the damn candy.

Peppermint Patty said...

Good luck Julie!!! :) You can do it!

modestmuse said...

Congrats! You can do it!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.