May 14, 2010

short week.

this week was interesting.

TH was gone the entire week, so i filled up my nights with all kinds of things, but mainly the gym. see, i'm running a 10K on sunday in a neighborhood race and i want to be ready. i have a goal time in mind, but i'm just more focused on mentally preparing myself to do the best i can because THIS IS MY FIRST RACE EVER (except for middle school when i was on the track team and i biffed it in the 400 race. awful.). i feel a little underprepared for the actual run, but hoping adrenaline will kick in to take over the weaker parts of my running capabilities.

in addition to the gym, i did some organization around the house, experimented with some recipes, and hung out with buddies. i feel better about my capacity to have fun and do things on my own, but i still have missed TH like crazy all week! time for the weekend, please.

also, i finished a big paper at work that i've been working on for far too long. hooray! super happy about that. i feel accomplished this week.

the weekend has much in store for us. ikea, picnics, engagement party, SNL party, 10K race!, relaxation. i'm pretty excited for my snickers bar, too.


2nd said...

I'm so impressed, I would never be able to let the snickers go uneaten this long! Oh yeah, impressed by 10k too :)

Jen Evans said...

What the what? When are you going to Ikea? lizzie and i spent the day there with FREE kids meals. I ended up eating her food and she ate mine, so really it was a free adult meal. With cookies. fo free. Gym.