May 25, 2010

the wedding girls.

how darling are these little girls? i am so in love with my nieces.

lizzie's little face here is priceless. ooo i want to squeeze these little girls!!

they were so darling at our wedding, and because they live far away from each other (DC area, Richmond, VA, and Utah), they are always so excited to play with each other. it's always "(insert nieces name) is my best friend!"
i was glad to host the weekend giggle fest.

and next week i get to meet my newest little niece, evelyn! they're coming out in a week from utah. hooray!

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hanner said...

i miss my nieces and nephews. luckily i have ida and theo nearby to tide me over but there are 14 others in the pacific time zone just begging to be snuggled.