Feb 25, 2011

red hair.

just yesterday i was sitting in my meeting, and my mind drifted off to a place it often does: my hair. i had a thought that i should dye it red. and then today i came across this picture:
how striking! long beautiful red hair with a lovely ribbon tied on! give me 2 years and my hair will be that long and beautiful (though not likely that lovely auburn).

image via cocokelley.


communikate. said...

i love this photo.

i always toy with the eye of going red again, but then chicken out.

hanner said...

if only i could hire someone to do my hair every day

Sherpa said...

Hmm, that's an idea.

Stephanie said...

Oh so pretty! I will practice putting ribbons in my hair just for you. Although I'm not sure mine will look that good either, even with my red hair.