Apr 6, 2011

best dentist appointment just happened.

1. nicest dentist ever.
2. didn't try to sell me anything (the last dentist i went to wanted me to drop more than 1K for a bite guard and laser whiten my teeth).
3. told me my teeth were beautiful, straight, and a nice color.
4. no cavities.
5. seemed sincerely interested in what i did for work.
6. didn't ask me questions while she was cleaning my teeth (i hate that. "so what do you do for work?" "ohh, mah offfighazhathun thuppats nnnneeeyyy pauthy"

anyway, if you are looking for a dentist in the DC area, may i suggest sharman johnson. its just her and her receptionist in the small office and they do a fantastic job. whoever leaves happy from the dentist? i just did.

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