Apr 26, 2011


i spent last weekend in utah. besides being unseasonably cold (45 degrees!), it was the perfect weekend trip. dad has a supersweet condo in downtown SLC, and everything is walkable or trax-able. we walked to get breakfast, we traxed to gateway mall with all the kiddies, and we walked to the elevator to get to the pool in his building. pools are so much more fun with kids around!
i basically just laid around all weekend and laughed with my family and watched movies and bad TV. i wish we all lived closer together, but then i wouldn't rack up all these frequent flyer miles, right? thanks for making a girl well-traveled, utah family!

so, onto pictures of the weekend.

me and brooklyn. she is so pretty. and also the sweetest and funniest girl.me and the babymaker, aka laura.
brooklyn and tanner go for a walk on the moon.
evie got jealous and was like, "pssht. whatevs. i'm going to mars."
then we all hopped on trax to ride home. little elijah freaks out over trains, in a good way. you can't really tell by this picture.
maybe you can tell by this video?

bonus video, we captured evie being cute and giggly. and yes that is my butt.

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