Apr 15, 2011

hello spring.

(picture from one of my favorite day trips 2 summers ago)

nothing like walking to and from work in the warm sunshine to make you fall in love with DC. the perfect weather only sticks around for 3-4 weeks if we're lucky, then its HUMID summer. but i'm determined to enjoy the warmth this summer after my constant complaining this past winter.

warmer spring days mean lunch breaks with TH, long evening walks around the Hill, and dreams of going to the beach! i really am just itching for a beach vacation, it just sounds so dreamy to be laying on the warm beach with sandy toes, and listening to the waves crash against the shore.


Veronica said...

I feel you on the beach. It's all I can think about lately!

hanner said...

i read that the weather was going to be so nice in dc this weekend so i mistakenly didn't bring any warm clothes to boston. THERE IS NO SPRING HERE.

naomi megan. said...

nice weather is here and i *think* to stay! hooray for spring! and sorry about the muddy picnic. but cheese and strawberries make everything better, right? and in my case, babies and bulldogs, too.