Apr 4, 2011

NYC makes me tired.

this is definitely where i want to be ALL day today.
yes, my house needs to be cleaned.
yes, there is a pile of dirty dishes sitting in the sink.
and maybe i just sat around all night last night instead of doing anything about it.

NYC was fun, as always. the weather was gorgeous. i ate too much food, as usual. i didn't take one picture, but TH did get a couple snaps of us on the Top of the Rock! i've always wanted to do that, and it was really beautiful. we had blueberry pancakes at clinton street baking co., french toast at sarabeths, and grilled cheese and burgers at the burger joint. i think i'm done eating for awhile. i was exhausted the whole time i was in NYC and didn't even call anyone since all we did was eat and sleep (sorry nyc friends i didn't see!), but that is what i get for taking a 36 hour trip to the city!

how was your weekend?

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Laura K said...

there was a lot of poo involved with my weekend. oh the glamour