Apr 25, 2011

things that TH says to me.

1. nobody's lasagna will ever be as good as my moms (sheepish look to me -- luckily i have never made lasagna for him!)
2. i don't know how to go on vacation.
3. the sun is shining too bright and too many flowers out. (poor TH is allergic to everything, and i'm pretty sure the sun makes that list. he always sneezes when we step into the sunlight).

things that I say to TH:
1. we need to go on vacation while we're still single! (i just said this a few hours ago. i forget sometimes we are married. haha!)

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Mary said...

Things TH has said that still makes me laugh to this day:

Q: TH, what is your dream job?

TH: Rice Krispie Treat batch taster.