Apr 18, 2011

picnic in the mud.

picnicking in the mud isn't for the faint of heart.

and if you ride your bike to the picnic spot with a skirt on and the wind is blowing really hard, well - that's ill-advised also. and if your husband decides to look for the perfect picnic spot by riding his bike through the muddy grass, well my friends, do NOT under any circumstances try to follow him because it will just end in frustration and you getting mad and crying because you can't keep up and your bum is wet because you left your bike out in the rain last night and the seat soaked right through your cute gray skirt that is nearly up around your head by this time anyway.

however, if you remember to pack plenty of cheese and strawberries, the problems will quickly dissolve and you will forget about all that silliness and just enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful weather, for crying out loud. it also helps to have a really cute and funny picnic buddy. just sayin.


Becca said...

hahaha. what a good visual. glad it turned out well.

Lars said...

Ha sounds like fun to me!Thank goodness for food, right? Hey, thanks for all of the comments and good luck wishes! And also, thanks for the clothes. it'll be awhile before I get out thank you cards, but I just wanted you to know he is super cute in them and we appreciate it!