Apr 1, 2011

getaway weekend.

i'm going to NYC this weekend! and that is no april fools joke, people. this afternoon i'll hop on a train that will take me directly right straight into the hub of town - penn station. i get so excited right before we descend into the tunnel, because i know in only about 10 more minutes i will be stepping up into the big lights, big city, yeeeeaheee yeaahheee yeaaahhh in new york! (still love that alicia keys).

on my short list of things to do is: bagel, uniqlo, thift shopping, sugar, brunch, pizzzaaaaa. i'm excited.


Mickey said...

i had a dream last night that i lived in new york and then i could instantly transport to paris and then canada. yeah. i know. canada.

Mickey said...

whoops this is laura. im on dads computer