Apr 27, 2011

learning to love the beige palace.

if we have talked recently, you know about my disdain for my current apartment, the beige palace. dark basement, big spider, ugly carpet, dumb ole chandelier, beige walls. complain, complain, blah blah blah.

last night, TH and i went for a walk around our neighborhood. in the Spring, capitol hill seriously looks like a movie set for perfect Spring movie. flowers blooming on every tree, bush, ground, baby, etc. it's so beautiful. while we were walking around, we realized how truly lucky we are to live in this neighborhood, and how our apartment is perfectly fine. so maybe we don't have natural light, but it's quiet and peaceful. maybe we have carpet instead of hardwood floors, but our feet are always comfortable. and you know what maybe i did see a spider the size of my fist a few weeks ago, but spiders are everywhere, not just in basements. so i can't really complain about that.

we decided we're going to suck it up and just enjoy the little apartment that we have. it's in a perfect spot and well, it works for us.
i'm just trying really really hard to not think about the 2 bedroom third story apartment two blocks away that we could have moved into for less than we are paying now with hardwood floors, big windows, and TWO BEDROOMS. just trying really hard not to think about it.

any tips for making a basement apartment more livable? we purchased some new lamps this weekend and are considering an area rug. oh, houses. who really even cares. haha.


Peppermint Patty said...

Spiders eat other bugs (or so they say). So really...you could have tons of bugs in your place but thanks to the spider...Good attitude about the place. It could always be worse…it could be SE DC.

Laura K said...

As long as there is space. For extra furniture you might buy. I know about the chaise you've been coveting.

modestmuse said...

Just think of the three flights of stairs you don't have to climb -- or lug groceries up.

And think of how the Palace forces you to get out, so you can have these romantic springtime walks!

nomadic gnome said...

you guys are cool.
i'm sitting in the palace right now and you know what? i kind of like it.